Personalised Magnetic Me

I saw THIS and thought, "How Cool"! 
Mindy from creative juice did a great job.

I had to give it a go.
I started with taking photos of the kids.
A white background & top works best.

Here are some of the photos from our mini photo shoot.

Goodness Me!

I thought the kids would love to dress the dogs up too.
It's true,
Never work with kids or Animals!!

I got some photo props from 'Oh Happy Day' HERE
Print them onto magnetic paper. 

In Australia you can buy it from Office Works.

You should do some test copies on plain printing paper to get the sizing right.

After you have printed them, let dry, then spray the sheets to protect them from scratches & marks.
Follow the directions before handling, I left them to dry overnight.

I already had these tins, (thank you notes).
They work perfectly.

I made up some labels through picasa.
Stuck it onto the tin.
 All done.

We had so much fun!